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Flipz Merchandise

Hey Flipz Team Members

Check out the great Merchandise that is available for you to order.

Follow the link below to get a Flipz Team Back Pack and a Official Flipz Uggs.

Flipz Allstars Team Backpack            Flipz Allstars Team Boots

 Back Pack and Uggs

The Team optional order form is located in the team section under Documents for you to print and turn into Desi by Friday October 23rd.

Optional Order Form

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Julian Apple Pie Fundraiser



Parents Remember that we are participating in the Julian Apple Pie Fundraiser.  Login into the Flipzallstars members area and then Click on the Link below to go to the Document Library if your are in need of the flyer or the Order Form.

Click Here

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FLIPZ All-Starz 3rd Annual Cart-Wheel-A-Thon

Where: Flipz gym during athletes normal practice.

When: August 12th and 13th 2015.

How it Works:  Girls get donation for the amount of cartwheels that they can do either a flat donation or a per cartwheel donation can be made.  All proceeds go towards the girls competition fees, tuition, etc.

Money is due no later than August 11, 2015.  If your child does not turn in money then they will not be able to participate in the cartwheel-a-thon on either assigned day.

Flipz Rocks


Click Here to Download Your Pledge Form

Reminder the Newsletter can be found by login in and checking your childs team site found in the "Members Only" section at the top left of the website.

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Flipz AllStars Tryouts


Flipz AllStars Competitive Team Tryouts

for the 2015-2016 season will take place June 1st - 4th.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of our allstar cheer team we encourage you to attend our tryout dates. 

If your child is already a part of one of our competitive cheer teams, tryouts will be during their regular practice times during the week of June 1st - 4th.

If your child is NEW to our competitive teams or gym the guildlines are as follows:


Ages 8 & under tryouts will take place on Monday & Wednesday from 5:30-7:30pm

  • "Mist" (Tiny Level 1) 6 & Under.  This team will compete in 3-4 competitions during the next season.
  • "Rain" (Mini Level 1) 8 & Under.  This team will compete in 6-8 competitions during the next season.

"Teams Mist & Rain Parent Meeting will be on Monday June 1st at 7:00pm"


Ages 9 & above tryouts will take place on Tuesday and Thursday for the following team levels:

  • "Lightning" (Junior Level 1 Prep Team) 6:00-8:00pm.  Partial Season Team.  This team will compete in 3-4 competitions during the next season.
  • "Storm" (Junior Level 2) 4:30-6:30pm.  Full Season Team.  This team will compete in 6-8 competitions during next the season.
  • "Cyclones" (Junior Level 3) 6:00-8:00pm.  Full Season Team.  This team will compete in 6-8 competitions during the next season.
"Team Storm Parent Meeting will be on Tuesday June 2nd at 6:00pm"

Here are some guildlines as far as tumbling goes for possible team levels.
  • Level 1: Forward & Back Rolls, Cartwheels, Round-offs and Front & Back Walkovers
  • Level 2:  Round-off Back Handsprings, Standing Back Handspring, Back Walkover Back Handspring, and Front Walkover Front Handspring.
  • Level 3:  Round-off Back HandspringBack Tucks, Round tucks, Punch Fronts, Ariel's, 2 Standing Back Handsprings in a row.
If you still are not sure what Level come on by a tryout time that fits your age and let us determine your best fit.

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American Cheer Power Nations Best, Las Vegas

Flipz Allstars competed this past weekend in the American Cheer Power "Nations Best" in Las Vegas NV.  This was the last competition of the 2015 AllStar Cheer season.  All but one of our teams competed at this competition which we dominated each of our team divisions.  Our three teams did very well each placing 1st place.  We had two individual competitors this weekend as weel who were faced with very tough competition from 9 individuals.  Makenzie Monteleone placed 3rd and Kinzy Duarte place 6th.


This year has been a great year for all of our teams.  Our girls have devoted a lot of time and effort which definately paid off this past weekend.  Great job this season girls and remember tryouts for next years teams are only a few weeks away.  We will see you all on May 30th at your end of the year banquet celebration.


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Storm at The Summit

Flipz AllStars "Storm" in Orlando Florida at

The Summit Nationals


The Flipz AllStars "Storm" team was awarded a wild card bid to The Summit Nationals earlier this year.  This competition is made up of the best of the best teams from accross the country and the world.  To be invited to this event takes a lot of hard work and dedication on the part of these athletes.  This recognition shows that the Flipz AllStars shows that they have one of the best programs in California.  Great job this year Flipz Storm.  We are very proud of you for all of you girls.

Check out the video below of their performance.


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Important Information

Flipz AllStars Competitive Team

Important Parent and Athelete Information

The following information has been passed out to all atheletes currently on the 2015 competitive teams for parents to review.  If you have not received your compy your can view and download documents by clicking on the link below.  If you have any questions please contact Coach Desi.

"Storm" Summit (Florida) Documents (Medical Release and meet times)

2015 Flipz AllStars Competitive Teams Picture Day (info and order form)

2015 Flipz AllStars Competitive Team Annual Awards Dinner

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American Cheer Showcase, Anaheim

This past weekend the Flipz AllStar Competitive teams were again in Anaheim, Califorina for the American Cheer Showcase.  This national competition was packed with lots of excellent teams and our four teams placed in the top 3 in each of their divisions.  Our teams have only one regularly scheduled competion remaining in Las Vegas, Nevada and Team "Storm" (Junior Level 2) is bound for the "Summit" in Florida at the end of the month.  Great job girls keep up the hard work. 

  • Flipz Mist (Tiny Level 1)
  • 3rd Place


  • Flipz Rain (Mini Level 1)
  • 3rd Place


  • Flipz Storm (Junior Level 2)
  • 3rd Place


  • Flipz Cyclones (Junior Level 3)
  • 2nd Place


To see action pictures from this weekends competition check out our photo library in a few days.

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USA National Championships Anaheim

This past weekend the Flipz AllStar Competitive teams were is Anaheim, Califorina for the USA Allstar National Championships.  This weekend was a huge competition with many teams competing from all over the world. The Girls did a great job and here is how they placed,




This was a very tough competition with a lot of very good teams.Great Job Girls!

To see action pictures from this weekends competition check out our photo library.

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JAMZ Nationals 2015

Three of the Four Flipz All-Stars Competitive Teams traveled to Las Vegas, NV this past weekend and competed in the JAMZ Nationals.  This three day competition is one of the lasgest cheer competitions on our schedule.  Each team preformed twice with each days scores averaged together for an overall score and place. If you have never been to this competition checkout the video below of the closing ceremony.

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Hippy and Valentines Day

Hippy Days and Valentines Day

To continue to promote creativity and fun while working hard to prefect our every changing cheer routines, the Flipz All Stars competitive teams have enjoyed Hippy Tie-Dye Days and Valentines Day cheer clothing.  Our girls and coaches have been having a lot of fun with their teams, parents, and the rest of the gym.  Great job girls.  Keep up the hard work.

HippyMist2.jpg      HippyMini.jpg

HippyJ2.jpg    ValentinesJ2.jpg

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Duel in the Desert, Palm Springs

Duel in the Desert

Palm Springs 2015

___IMG_6727.jpg                 ___alyssaPS.jpg


Flipz Allstars Competitive Teams competed this past weekend in the Palm Springs Duel in the Desert.  This Competition was a huge 2 day event held at the Palm Spring Convention Center.  Some of the Top Teams from across the country were present and showing off their best performances.  The Flipz Allstar teams had some very tough competition from teams from in state and out of state.

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USA Winter ClassicWinter, San Diego

The Flipz All-Stars Competitive Cheer teams competed this past weekend in the 

USA Winter Classic

in San Diego.  All four teams placed in the top 3 of their age catergories.  

Flipz Mist (Tiny's) competed very well, placing first, even after a music mishap in the begining of their routine.


Flipz Mini's (Rain) placed second in their age catergory competiting against a tough group of teams and narrowly beaten by Cheer Force.


Flipz Junior Level 2 (Storm)  Had a great competition.  They placed second in their category and they were later awarded a Wild Card Bid to the Summit Championships in Florida. 


Flipz Junior Level 3 (Cyclones) also had tough competitors and placed third with a great performance.


Great way to start the season Ladies.

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War Days

The 2015 Flipz All-Stars Competitive Teams are all geared up and ready for their

1st Competition of the 2015 Cheer Season.  They are dressed in their WAR ettire.  Flipz will be

traveling to San Diego to for the one day competition this Sunday





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2015 Showcase

Come check out the Flipz Allstars Competitive Cheer 2015


This Friday January 16th, 2015

7:00 pm

This Showcase Event is an full dress rehersal performance night for all of the Flipz Allstars 2015 Competitive Cheer Teams.  We need you help parents and immediate family members to allow our little athletes to see what it is like to perform in front of a crowd before our 1st competition on Sunday January 18th in San Diego.

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Welcome to Flipz Allstars


This is the all new official website (2014) of the Imperial Valley Flipz Allstars competitive cheer team.  Our website is changing from our old site flipzallstars.com and will begin to show many new pictures and events that our competeive teams are a part of.  Competitive allstar cheer teams are not the only activities we provide so check out the "About Us" & "Gym Info" sections for more information.

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Christmas Cheer

The Flipz Allstars Competetive teams have completed all practices before the holidays.  To show their christmas cheer all teams dressed in festive holiday gear for their last practice before the holidays.  Christmas_tree_011.jpg___christmas flipz.JPGChristmas_tree_011.jpg

From all of us at Flipz All-Stars we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

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